Friday, February 6, 2009

he's just not that into you

it all started in the summer of 2005. I was living my blissful life in Moab... my three cousins (lovingly got named Wino, Downstream Dream & Fart Pipe) and were Tag-Hags (dirty river guides), one which I adopted as a permanent cousin that summer. They lived above a mortuary, I lived by the city ballpark. In this time, I strangely inherited my friend's ex-girlfriend as a roommate for a few months. How this happens... I'm not sure, but it did, and it worked out fine. She was a fast friend and I later skinny dipped for my first time with her that summer.

The only objection I had to the situation was my summer crush. My friend, Rhys, thoroughly embarrassed me at church in introducing me to a boy who he said he thought we should hook up. I was embarrassed by my squirrely bluntness to a stranger but oddly enough, I was attracted to the boy with a beard that later became a soul patch.

The problem was... my new roommate thought my summer crush liked her.

The story goes as follows...
my cuzs are in city market shopping for groceries. new roommie comes up to them and brings up soul patch crush and how she knows that I'm interested in him but she states that she's pretty sure, "he's just not into jessie." she then goes onto explain that she thinks he's into him. the cuz crew, then continue shopping and new roommie finds them AGAIN in the grocery store to rehearse that soul patch guy is really into her and again states, "he's just not that into her."

being the true cuzs that they are, they report the whole situation to me later that night. point for me i ended up dating soul patch guy for the summer. BUT point for new roommie (at the time) and soul patch guy, they're both happily married now ,not to each other. loss of point for me.

so the rest of the summer and basically our lives as cousins, we've teased each other about the words, "He's just not that into you." since my cousins worked with soul patch guy every couple of days or weeks one of the 3 would sit me down with a serious face and say, "I'm sorry Jessie but I don't think soul patch boy is into you, but he's really into me." we would then all giggle and it's been an on-going joke.

Needless to say when the book came out. It was the best thing that ever hit the earth for the cousins. One because of the phrase, two because of the insights in the book. I don't believe any woman who doesn't say she'd never done or been the pathetic woman as described in detail in the book. It's been life changing. All of the cousins have the book. It also started a distribution of books including titles such as: Cuddle Sutra, I used to miss him...but my aim is improving, etc.

So even though I'm catching a cold, I'm going to go see this movie tonight. It's a "cuz unity project." wherever we're located to go see, if available, we need to see it. I invite the rest of female gender to go and see it as well and read the book. The sad part of the situation is I've had 2 close friends in the past 2 weeks or so tell me I need to re-read the book. I appreciate honest friends but sometimes the truth hurts.

the end.


Maggie said...

He's just not too smart or he would still be into you!!

Annie said...

Such wonderful times in Moab... I just got home from the movie and I loved it! Your old roomie totally would've fit in. Luv ya cuz (from your REAL cousin)


Dezi said...

Yeah, Jess, re-read the book. To give you moral strenght, not just cuz you need, haha. I'll call you.

Danielle said...

This post makes me happy. And it makes me miss you. The book is definitely on my coffee table and the movie was fun last night too! (I'm happy we all saw it opening night btw) PS, please see pg 39, just the first 4-5 sentences. XOXO