Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine/birthday love midsingle style

for those of you that aren't aware, today is oregon's 150th birthday. in celebration, i went snow shoeing with the midsingles group out of portland area. nice peeps. good trail to upper lake near frog lake at mt. hood. after a late night watching wall e, which i loved...may it be a reminder to us all fat americans...i got up early and headed up. one of the impressive thing i saw was a super cool couple x-c skiing with their little baby. the dad had her probably in her baby bjorn and facing his chest as he and his wife x-c skiied. i'm sorry but that kicks you know what. it gave me hope of awesome parenthood dreams. when we reached our destination of upper twin lake we were greeted by igloos. i really wanted to go in the more intact igloo but the x-c skiiers were hogging it.

the experience was goodness to my soul. i ended today with a hot bath,

starting the monkey wrench gang,

and being grateful i didn't torture myself in thinking i had to go to a ysa valentine's dance.


also if your able to get some lovin' today... please get some extra for me.

in memory of me lacking the access to get any.


Tim and Kirst said...

gorgeous! I wish UT had enough snow to snowshoe. I swear this winter has sucked big time. It snows one day and then the next day it's warm enough to melt it all. :( When are you coming into town again? Call me so we can meet up for lunch...I want you to meet Miles. :)

Juli said...

By the way Animal Vegetable Miracle is a mirace to my soul. Thank you muches! The hot tub overlooking the view sounded great to me.