Monday, May 25, 2009

the favorite is engaged!

for those of you who don't know yet
my lil' sister is getting married!
august 21st!
quick recap:
the favorite has been in school at byu-hawaii
(i know rough life
and to think she was thinking of staying in idaho)
so she's been dating a wonderful guy named wolfgang
(he's from austria)
they've been dating over a year
and quite honestly my whole family likes him
i met him last summer when he came to our hometown
we all have been a fan
but we tried to keep our opinions to ourselves
and let the favorite decide
and well she did
when she called me to tell me
she decided she wanted to be married
i don't think i've ever heard her feel so confident in her life
i made this big sister even more excited
then just a few weeks later
she got officially "ringed"
(this past thursday)
love you both


JoEllen said...

No way! Tell her congrats from us!

Wolfgang said...

What?? wait?? Jaimie is getting married, NO WAY!! when is she planning on telling me?!?!?! i need to talk to her... she is in big trouble. :)

Leslie said...