Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pacheco memorial day memory making...

it was like Christmas eve night on Thursday night
i stayed up late
but analee told me Santa wouldn't come if i didn't go to sleep so...
after driving 12 hours straight the pachecos arrived at 4:30 a.m.
after i returned from my 18 mile run
and worrying them because i took so long
(funny post to follow about an experience then)
we headed for the coast
fortunately it was sunny
unfortunately it was windy and made it chilly
but we made it to cannon beach
poor things drive 12 hours then 5-6 hours later i put them back in the car
to see rocks on the coast
and get tillamook cheese and ice cream

saturday it was to abiqua falls...
beautiful, stunning
and a short hike
the rest of the hike was done by their subaru.
thank you 'baru!

it was just nice to be with great friends
we checked out cute small towns
i bought a printer for $8 bucks at a yard sale
(i've never owned a printer)
and jose hooked it up for me
we saw the famous salem soapbox races
not to be confused with pinewood derby races

we went longboarding....

i longboarded cautiously
remember my "longboard accident"
a good year and a half-almost 2 years ago
when i looked like a garbage pail kid...
strange how i'm so careful even when i have insurance now...
we played some banana game which is really speed scrabble
church was most enjoyable with analee
i don't think i've giggled in church like that in a while
then they had to go monday morning to get back to the beehive state
it was fun to see their faces
i'm so happy when friends marry friends...
i'm grateful for the miles and gas $$$ and other $$$ spent
for my friends to see me
ahhh gee...
miss 'em already


Jose n' Analee said...

12 hours! Dumb, why didn't they just fly?

It was a great time. I am jealous you get to live there.

Maggie said...

Good times, good friends, good grief - you on a long board again!!