Friday, June 4, 2010

back in the saddle

so after a quick trip to redmond
for work in about 24 hours
i was a little weary

but after a few hours
it was so nice outside
so i got my bike out
for the first time since probably the fall
pumped the tires
and went on a little ride
tried to go to hollywood video
realized they're all gone
biked up some hills
found a red box
maybe bought a mambo

and home.

it was great to be on my bike again.
i've missed it.
i even have new wheels from the end of last summer
nice ex
funny though how they're the color he liked
not what i wanted.
reminds me of my bike i got in middle school
all i wanted was a forest green bike
what did i get for Christmas?
a weird purpley-pinkish bike
that my dad thought was a better color.

luckily my faithful schwinn moab 3
that i bought in flag back in 2000
when i was living in the grand canyon
does me just right
front shocks-
i don't even want to try a full suspension
i'd probably like it
and don't have the money for it

simple pleasures.
easy does it.


Maggie said...

Get over the pink/purple bike! Let's see.....was that 15 or 20 years ago??? I didn't get a new bike until I was twenty or so.. But I looked hot on it.

Maggie said...

Did I mention my life has gone downhill since I rode that bike looking hot? jk