Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tooth-less country western singer

that's what i looked and felt like yesterday
but today is looking up...
i have my tooth back in
thank you dentist superglue

next is the the hair
i should have been more clear
now i'm just wondering
if i should give it a whirl
or go back

i'm leaning to
go back
and get it re-cut


D*mac said...

I was evaluating your hair pictures today. The cut isn't awful, it's just a little mom-ish. I would go in and ask him to spruce it up. Bring a picture of hair you like so the person understands what you don't like about the first one. Good luck!

Jaimie said...

agree with Danielle, I think this time you should bring in a pic or something or be more SPECIFIC. don't you dare go back to the same person!

hilary said...

i received no hair pictures and no toothless pictures...i feel really left out...