Saturday, June 5, 2010

smith rock trip: take three: alder creek

saturday hike
not that impressive
but we did find them after a long search
and someone telling us where they were
kirstin is trying to demonstrate
summer time bliss
well maybe spreading good energy
so we can actually have
summer-like weather soon

we made it to the deschutes river!
thanks for being in the photo buddy...
remember i like rocks...

suffer through the pics...
it's my blog and i like photos & rock
look at those layers!
amazingly beautiful

it was my first hike in the chacos this season
+ in & out of water
= rubbed raw feet
i'm healing them still

i've never seen one of these guys with grey hair.
have you?
i like to call this
east side w/a branch of west side
no moss on the tree except for this lil section
the end to the smith rock adventure


Angela said...

What a cool place!

Juli said...

Chaco feet and rocks- good times.